Artist:  Judy Glendenning


2 x 2 oil painting


About the artist:

Judy was born in Michigan and now resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, along with her husband William. She was surrounded by art as a child and introduced at a very young age. Her family is artistically inclined, creating works on paper, canvas, clothing, wood and other materials, performing on stage, and music. Judy painted with watercolour, sketched, created doodles, and drew with charcoal as a child. She attended Assumption College High School in Windsor taking the subject Art, as one of her classes, for 4 years. It was here her oil painting was recognized by her two art teachers.


In August, 2019, Judy begun painting with oils... again. It was overnight. A paint night at the Caribbean Centre in Windsor turned into her love for painting on canvas! Since this time, she has produced over 75 paintings. They are landscapes and show the places she lived and travelled, along with the places her late brother travelled to. The landscapes she produces are realistic images painted with oils or acrylics on canvas.  A fast painter, with most of the paintings finished in 20 minutes, Judy uses different tools for her creations.  Her love for painting as an art form producing works for everyone to enjoy is visible in her pieces.

Judy's Mini #2