Artist:  Layne van Loo


6 x 6 oil painting


About the artist:

Layne's detailed renderings reflect his love for wildlife, the natural setting, and those subjects that relate to our heritage.  To achieve the realistic aspects of his paintings, Layne has found a preference for water-based media such as acrylic, transparent watercolour, gouache, and water-soluble oils.  Having done his first paintings at the age of 12, the artist draws on many years of experience but, for him, each painting is a new challenge and part of a continuing learning process.


"My hope is that viewers of my work will be able to identify with a specific piece and share in a unique visual communication."


Layne's artwork has received honours in the Chrysler Canada "Search for Canadian Wildlife Artists," and has helped support local heritage and wildlife organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Canada.  Paintings by Layne can be found in public and private art collections throughout Canada and the United States.

Can You Hear the Crickets