Wear your intensions with this full 108 Stone mala, hand knotted in silk and ending in a 14mm blue Dragon vein focal bead and vibrant blue silk tassel.
Associated with the Throat chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and relaxes speakers to a stage of consciousness in which they are fully aware of their own truths, wisdom and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction. It also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations.

A stone of truth, Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. Wear it for all forms of deep communication. It is also a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships.

Blue sponge quartz helps with fears and anxiety. 
Necklace length before  4 inch tassel is 34 inches around.

Speak Your Truth Full 108 Stone Mala