Artist:  Kipik (Sylvie Bougon)


Small hand-painted originals on hardwood - magnets

-6 stubby pine trees, 5 sleeping cats - 10$ each


About the artist:

Sylvie was born and raised in France. She grew up in a family of artists and her grandma put them all to crayons early on.  Sylvie attended the French art school "Ecole d'art de Luminy" (a fine arts program), and George Brown College's Graphic Design program, in Toronto, where she graduated with 3 awards and honours and an Applied Art magazine award.  Sylvie attended the City Sculpture School and Studio (C.S.S.S.) where she did life drawing practice with a group of artists.  Her work has been shown in several galleries.

Sylvie then worked with Chinese/Japanese brush techniques and tried to find synthesis between her roots and this amazing art form.  She loves the contrasts between cultures and tries to express that.

Sylvie's art is constantly evolving.  Though Chinese brush techniques are still a big part of what she does, it is mixed with a new personal approach very much influenced by Russian folk art and Inuit and Haida art, Klee, Picasso's potteries, and her own personal spiritual growth. A strange mix, but she is on that road and obsessed with it and thinks somehow it is right for her because she has fun with it.

Wood Magnets

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